Ceramic boards

Ceramic boards Memoboards

Ceramic, dry erase and magnetic board with aluminium anodized MODERN frame. Ceramic, environmentally friendly surface with projection properties. Made of top quality materials which significantly contributed to the increase of resistance to abrasion, scratches and other mechanical damage of the ceramic surface of the board. Perfectly smooth surface helps to keep the board in proper cleaning without leaving streaks or dirt. Appropriately selected materials for production allow for multiple re-processing and recycling of the ceramic surface. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the four corners. Shelf, dry erase marker and wall-fastening kit included. The corners in gray – dark blue.  The board can be used as a projection screen. Designed to write on the surface with markers and to stick paper sheets to it by using magnets. The warranty period for surface of 25 years.



Ceramic, dry erase and magnetic boards are recommended to frequent, intensive use. They perfectly fit to class-, lecture- and conference rooms, where the content is beeing often changed. They are a great support to teachers and business meetings’ leaders, who can – in clear and  visible way – enrich their lectures by using colour dry erase markers and magnets. Such a plenteous visual communication allows for better reception and memorizing of  presentations. Ceramic boards may be also used as e projection screen. We are able to produce the ceramic, magnetic boards in the dimension indicated by the customer. For further information, please contact our Customer Service.












Technical Specifications

Projection, dry erase and magnetic board 100″ with aluminium Prestige frame

Ceramic, dry erase and magnetic board 100″ with aluminium Prestige frame