General Warranty Conditionals

I ). Amex Stationery Sp. z o.o, headquartered in Cracow, Sikorki 2 Street, hereinafter called the Guarantor gives to the Buyer a guarantee for Memoboards products, for the period corresponding to the table below:

Time of warranty for the surface
Time of warranty for the product
Cork boards
2 years
Magnetic boards
10 years
2 years
Ceramic boards
25 years
2 years
Chalk boards
2 years
Felt boards
2 years
Cork boards - MAPS
2 years
Rotated and mobile boards
10 years
2 years
10 years
2 years
STxx, SMxx
2 years
Glass boards
1 year
Magnetic, multipanel boards
2 years

II ). Product is covered by the guarantee at the moment of its sale.
III). Terms of warranty for the product category listed in Point I:
1. Products are only for internal use and should not be exposed to weather conditions. Avoid humid and wet rooms.
2. Use according to its purpose. The details are specified in Product Card.
3. Assemble in accordance with the attached Installation Instruction.
4. No marks of modification the product.

5. Regular cleaning and maintenance of surfaces only by dedicated cleaning products, especially by Memoboards and according to instructions from the label.
6. Using the appropriate markers for the appropriate type of board surfaces.
7. Appropriate transportation and transportation of products according to the information on the carton packaging.
IV). The Guarantor is responsible for damages resulting from manufacturing or materials defects provided that the Buyer has complied with the terms of warranty in Point III.
V). The Warranty does not cover the damages caused by the wrong using, storage, assembly or product operation.
The Warranty does not cover the products damages due to wearing down of the parts in the natural way, unless wearing down was caused by hidden manufacturing or material defects.
The Warranty does not concern the products which, on the basis of the documents and characteristics (nominal), do not allow for identification as a product purchased from the Guarantor.
VI). Defects and damages revealed during the warranty period should be submitted no later than 7 days from the date of revealing them by the Buyer.
VII). The basis of the complaint under the guarantee is:
1. Sales document issued by the Guarantor.
2. Complaint document including: sales date according to sales document, product name, catalog number (symbol of the product), detailed description of product defects.
3. Possible photos of the product and its damage.
4. Returning of the defective product. The claimed product should be complete and adequately protected during transport. The Guarantor is not responsible for damages resulting from the wrong packaging or securing of the product by Buyer during transport.
VIII). Notification of a warranty’s complaint claim must be submitted in writing via e-mail, fax or letter in the Guarantor’s Customer Service Department. Return of defective product must be delivered in person or via carrier (forwarder) to business address or to address indicated by Guarantor’s Customer Service Department, only after prior agreement.

IX). The period of processing the complaint by the Guarantor shall be 14 days, from the day of delivering the relevant documents and returning of the claimed product, specifically identified in Points VII and VIII.
The Guarantor is not responsible for extended period of complaint examination due to incomplete or wrong description of damages by Buyer.
X). In case of complaint deemed inapplicable by the Guarantor:
1. If by the Guarantor’s judgement the damage to product results from no compliance with the recommendations specified in Point III, the complaint is regarded invalid.
2. In case the claimed product is efficient or the damage was not covered by warranty, the Guarantor reserves the right to charge Buyer with the costs incurred by the implementation of expertise and transportation.
3. If the complaint is not acknowledged, the Guarantor will inform the Buyer in writing within the period specified in Section IX.
4. A claimed product will be returned based on written request and at the Buyer’s cost. If the product is not taken by Buyer within 60 days it will be disposed of.
XI). In case of recognition of the complaint by the Guarantor:
1. The Buyer will be informed about it by written form in the period specified in point IX.
2. Defective product will be repaired or replaced free of charge with a new one with the same parameters and it will be sent to the Buyer. The repair or replacement of the claimed product will take place within 30 days.
3. If the acknowledged complaint concerns a product withdrawn from production, the Guarantor, after agreement with the Buyer, will return the money on the basis of the relevant document (correction) or will replace that product with the other from the current Guarantor’s catalog. If the price is higher than the price of the claimed product, the Buyer should pay extra based on issued sales document (correction). Otherwise, if the price is lower than that of the claimed product, the Guarantor must return the difference in prices based on issued sales document (correction).
4. The defective products that were replaced become a Guarantor’s possession.
XII). If the complaint is accepted and the damage of the product is repaired, the period
of warranty will be extended by the time used for the processing of warranty and
the repair time of the product. If the product is replaced with a new one, it gets a
new warranty.