Rotated and mobile board

Rotated and mobile board Memoboards


Rotated and mobile boards have the double-sided surface made of carefully lacquered stainless steel in white colour. The boards are magnetic and dry erasable. Metal rack in gray colour is based on 4 wheels (plastic or rubber) that may be locked. Aluminum marker shelf has a plastic plugs to improve the security while using.


Novelties 2018!

Double sided, dry erase and magnetic board with aluminium anodized frame Prestige. Rotated and mobile board. Board is available with surface: dry erase and magnetic, cork, ceramic, chalk and magnetic in green or in black. Lacquered metal construction in gray with 4 rubber castors. All of 4 castors are equipped with blockade. The marker holder included. Two telescopic, transversal and metal tubes of stand allow to adjust horizontally. It is possible to make the board to size. Board with the possibility of using a double faced surface for presentations. Designed to write on the surface with dry erase markers or hang sheets using magnets or pushpins. The product is aimed at offices where it is perfect for meetings, conferences or training and provides excellent support for business meeting leaders and is recommended for schools where they play the role of a modern teaching and learning tool and thank to that it makes it easy to present visual messages during lessons and lectures.


Rotated and mobile board are dedicated to the interiors, where business meeting and trainings are taking place in different conference rooms – thanks to specially designed wheels they are easy-movable. The rotating surface increases the display area of the board and this is an additional advantage.











Type of surface Rotated and mobile board TELESCOPIC –NEW 2018!


chalk and magnetic









chalk and magnetic
dry erase and magnetic











Frame colours Rotated and mobile board TELESCOPIC














  Adjustment of Rotated and mobile board TELESCOPIC













Technical Specifications

Rotated and mobile board Basic

Rotated and mobile board Standard